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Bartec® is actually a thorough remedies for rebar splicing system (all for compression / rigidity / cyclic/ exhaustion). It's developed to attach concrete rebar from Ø12 to 50mm (ASTM #4 to #18). For normal Bartec relationship, it is fabricated from two bars and a parallel-thread rebar coupler. These two bar will move the enlargement process before currently being threaded. As a result, this manufacturing isn't going to lessen the cross area of the bar. With each one of these procedure, you can achieve the reward from this answers effortless in your stock, as Bartec will likely be one common rebar coupler for most programs.

Expansion bolt
Bartec is an ACI 318 Type 2 splice. It really is very suggested for splicing function in seismic environment. The rebar threading machine supports the solutions production with 3 high-performance procedure: cleanse square reducing, bar end enlarging by cold forging, then threading. The gain for this solutions is the fact that Bartec cross-section location just isn't lowered, resulting in more powerful rebar coupler link for the framework. In addition, visible inspection will be done in every single Bartec joints to verify the standard without requirement to induce a specific torque benefit.